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Far Cry 6’s vast world called Yara is filled with threats – both human and animal. Luckily for you, you have access to a wide selection of weapons and vehicles to make fighting and running easier. Aside from these, you also have a few friends that can aid you in battle, and these guys are more useful than you think.

How To Unlock All Far Cry 6 Amigos

Early on in the game, you will be introduced to a feature called Fangs for Hire. These animals will help you in battle, and each of these creatures is special in its own way. You have to work hard to unlock your Amigos, but the good news is that it is not necessarily hard to get them in Far Cry 6. Here are Far Cry 6’s Amigos, plus what you need to do to unlock all of them.


Guapo is a crocodile, and he is the very first Amigo that joins you in the game. All you need is to complete the Juan of a Kind mission in the game, one of the initial missions on the starting island. Despite being the first Amigo to join you, Guapo is also one of the most useful because of his regenerative abilities and ability to take out foes.

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True to his predator status, Guapo can be ordered to maul enemy units on command. You can also direct him to go near enemies so that he distracts and intimidates them. Guapo’s underrated function is being able to protect you underwater. There are many sharks and barracudas that can attack you in the deep waters. Guapo is one of your best bets against them as he can kill those for you while you are vulnerable.


Chorizo is a Daschund puppy that is in a wheelchair. He may seem familiar because Chorizo is the first Amigo that was revealed in a trailer. You can unlock Chorizo by completing the Meet the Monteros mission in the Madrugada region. Specifically, you will need to do the Who’s A Good Boy mission first, wherein you have to hunt a crocodile for its meat to give to Chorizo.

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One of Chorizo’s most valuable abilities is his skill to tag nearby resources. There is a chance that Chorizo will dig resources underground for you. While he may not be as feisty or deadly as Guapo, Chorizo makes up for everything when it comes to stealth and finding resources. Due to his ability to find resources, it is best to take him while exploring Yara.


Chicarron is a chicken that you can get while in the El Este region of the game. To do it, you need to look for a quest called Man’s Best Enemy in the region. This will introduce you to Chicarron. The quest itself is a three-quest chain that will primarily pit you against humans and animal enemies alike. It is pure firepower, so you’ll have to bring your best guns.

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Like Guapo, Chicarron is an aggressive Amigo. He can deal heavy damage to enemies, especially if he is low on health. Chicarron also has a better capacity to knock down enemies. Many players argue that Chicarron is one of the best Amigos in the game – better than Guapo because he is more aggressive and deals a lot more damage than the crocodile.

Boom Boom

Boom Boom is another dog Amigo in the game. You will need to complete the Boom or Bust mission in the Valle De Oro region to get Boom Boom. The mission itself is straightforward as you will only have to locate Boom Boom from inside one of many containers. Finding Boom Boom is easy as all you need to do is listen for his barking. Set him free, and he will be a companion.

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He is a stealth-based Amigo that focuses primarily on tracking enemies and tagging them, much like how you tag enemies with your camera. He also specializes in looting the bodies of said enemies for resources and ammo. He is the best companion to have when you’re doing a stealth mission or are looking to take over a military base silently.


Oluso is a panther with abilities that teeter between stealth and combat. He is the last Amigo you will unlock in the game, so it should not be surprising that he is also the toughest one to get.

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To get Oluso, you will need to go to Oluwa Cave on the starting island. There will be a note on the floor there, and you will be tasked with locating three treasures scattered all around Yara. They will each be located in one of the four major regions in the game, but their location will be pinned on your map. Once you have all of the relics, return to Oluwa Cave, and you will be pitted against ghost-like animals. Beat them to get Oluso to join you.

Oluso is a stealth-type Amigo, but unlike others before him, he uses stealth not to scout for enemies but to kill them. Even in the heat of combat, Oluso will be useful as he can deal significant damage to enemies. You can take out troops simply by directing Oluso towards their general direction for a quick stealth kill.

DLC Pets

In total, there are seven Amigos in Far Cry 6. The other two are K-9000 and Champagne. Unlike the other Amigos, however, they can’t be unlocked naturally. Instead, you will have to buy the corresponding DLCs they come with.

K-9000 is a cyber-dog Amigo you can get by purchasing the Blood Dragon set DLC for Far Cry 6. He is a highly durable combat Amigo that is resistant to bullet, poison, and fire damage. He also has a high attack making him easily one of the most useful Amigos in the game. Sadly, he is locked behind a paywall.

Champagne is a white cougar Amigo you can get by purchasing the Vice Pack DLC. Her unique ability is that she can collect additional Yara Peso from the enemies after combat. She is a stealth Amigo that can take out enemies stealthily.

Fangs For Hire is an excellent addition to Far Cry 6. These Amigos will accompany you in many missions in Far Cry 6, and they will be very helpful throughout the game. Once you unlock all five of them, you will have an Amigo to bring regardless of what type of mission or task you set out to do in Yara.

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