Valheim: Deleting Items You No Longer Need



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Valheim is a perfect combination of games like Minecraft with Rust.

Valheim: Deleting Items You No Longer Need

One of the latest new titles in the survival genre, Valheim, has generated a lot of positive feedback and interest. For such a low MSRP, everyone wants to jump on this game and see what the hype is all about.

I can tell you, without a doubt, the hype is justified. It is a great game, with a huge progression curve. However, with so many items and resources in the game, many get easily overwhelmed, and many are looking to dispose some of the excess items.

Deleting Items You No Longer Need – Valheim

Officially, there is no way to “delete” items in Valheim. However, even though that’s a bummer and slightly surprising, the game has a more realistic system for disposing items.

It seems like in Valheim, keeping the game as close to reality as possible is the goal. Because, think about it, if you delete an item, where does it go?

Which brings me to my next point. To delete items that you no longer need in Valheim, you must drop them outside your establishment, or in the water.

When you drop items outside of your land, a timer starts ticking until the items fully disappear from that world/game. Nonetheless, you must ensure that you aren’t close to that location, because that might make them not disappear.

As for throwing items in water, it might be a better way. Nevertheless, if you use this method, you must be certain that you won’t need those items anymore.

The main reason is that when you throw items in the water, in Valheim, they immediately disappear. You don’t get second chances here, like you would if you throw them on the ground.

As I said, the main reason that Valheim has this unique item deleting system, is to further make the game closer to reality. That is what I was going for when I said when you delete an item, where does it go?

Double check each of the items that you throw to ensure that you do not need them anymore.

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