Valheim: How to Reinforce Your Base



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Valheim surprises in many ways. While the survival fundamentals of the game are top-notch, the other aspects such as hunting, gathering, crafting, building, and many more, are also bang on.

Valheim: How to Reinforce Your Base

There are issues which arise for many players when they’re building their base. This is to be expected since Valheim has a pretty complex building system. The main keyword here is structural integrity. While building is easy, maintaining the structural integrity is somewhat complex.

The reason being is that while building, you have to think about connections, path to ground, how many objects can you build and much more.

How to Reinforce Your Base – Valheim

In order to make things much easier for you, we chose to dive deep into the fundamentals of building in Valheim, and take out the most important things you should look out for.

Because there are many of you that have already built a base or buildings in your dynasty, let’s focus more on what you can do to reinforce or upgrade your base in Valheim.


The first thing you should focus on is foundation. A foundation is a building piece that is directly connected to the ground. To easily distinguish whether it is, aim at it, and if it’s a blue color, then it is connected to the ground.

When you put these foundational pieces, you have only a certain amount of building pieces that you can go out with and build, until it cannot hold anymore. When it can’t hold anything anymore, you will need to put another piece and connect it to ground.

Structural Integrity

The colors will change as you build. They go from the green color, all the way to red. When it starts to glow red, it means that the structural integrity is not good, and cannot hold anymore pieces.

Correct way of building is to connect the pieces close to ground or directly to ground as you go. So, for example you build three wall pieces that stand on one log.

By the fourth piece, you should start to think about connecting some foundation to this piece. It mostly depends how strong the log piece is, but I think somewhere around five pieces is the furthest you can go until the structural integrity isn’t good enough any more.

Horizontal Reinforcement

Unfortunately, in Valheim, there is no reinforcement if you use horizontal beams. They do not add any structural integrity or increase the number of pieces you can build connected as one structure.

I’m not an industrial engineer per se, but I can say that they do add some integrity in real life. This might be an oversight from the developers, and we might see this change in the future.


So, how do you do it? Generally, you should aim to use log beams (4 meters or 13 feet) from the ground to connect any high pieces, such as your roof. As for lower objects you can use smaller logs, or any other object that you desire.

Everything is path to ground! Everything that is connected closer to the ground should have much more structural integrity in Valheim.

The main thing you should take away from this is the common practice of putting connected pieces to the ground, every 4-5 pieces that you build.

Aim for more green pieces and blue pieces, then yellow or possibly red pieces. Red is a bad sign that means that that piece cannot hold anymore weight.

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