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Valheim has one of the most complex procedurally-generated worlds in the survival genre, that we have seen so far. As far as complexity is concerned, it is considered to be dangerously close to Minecraft in that regard.

Valheim: How To Add Map Markers

When you are plopped in the Viking world, you might be overwhelmed by the huge and immersive world around you. As many progress, although they’re much stronger, players might find that this world is endless.

Navigating it, and possibly leaving behind “notes” for yourself should be a common practice, if you want to be the greatest Viking you can be!

How to Add Map Markers – Valheim

This is where map markers come into play. You can put these markers on your map, and leave a note or a short word to distinguish between them.

Although they are essential, many Vikings aren’t even aware that these are in the game. Meaning, not many know how to add map markers in Valheim.

To add a map marker in Valheim, all you need to do is open up the map using [M] and then double-click somewhere on the map. This will add a marker to that spot, and a text input field will be opened below, kindly type something and then press Enter.

Now, there are a few different kinds of markers in Valheim. There are: campfire symbols, house, ball symbols, and a few more. When you open up your map, you can choose which one you want to use from the menu on the right.

Depending on which symbol is selected, that is the one which will be added to your map in-game. Sadly, there isn’t a wide-range of them yet, at least not as many as a game like Valheim would need.

Even though that is true, the text input does make it easier to know for what exactly you have used a map marker later on in the game, as it is very easy to forget about them.

Currently, there is no other way to add markers in Valheim, and the key bind might be a differen one for you. [M] is the default key for opening your map.

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