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Boats play a crucial role on your success in Valheim. You will need to travel the Viking world a lot, and boats will be one of the fastest ways you can move around in the game. However, many players are scared of losing their boats, and they can’t exactly anchor them.

Valheim: How to Anchor Boat

Can you anchor boats in Valheim?

How to Anchor Boat – Valheim

Unfortunately, even if you have one of the best docks in the game, you cannot anchor a boat in Valheim. There is no mechanic for it, and parking your boat at a location might mean that you’re losing your main mean of travel.

Nevertheless, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Even though you can’t anchor boats in Valheim, wherever you leave it, it will stay there and not move at all.

So, in the end, there is a “anchoring” mechanic in the game, it is just that it is executed automatically. Most of players’ concerns were what happens when you leave your boat during a storm?

Thankfully, there is good news for that as well. The boat won’t move under any circumstances, only if you manually move it, or push it yourself in the water.

How to Position the Boat?

Lacking an anchor mechanic does mean that the boat won’t be positioned properly and might not be straight if you park it near the dock.

As I said, you can manually push the boat, which means that if you parked it finnicky, you can move it your self by getting in the water and pushing it. I admit it is a temporary fix, and not a good one at that, but it is all we got at the moment.

Since Valheim is still in early access, there might be so much stuff that will inevitably change in the future. On top of that, its player base has grown a substantial amount, so chances are the developers are working on many ways to improve the game.

There isn’t much information on what will be changed in the future, only that much of the Ashlands biome will be subject to change.

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