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Building is one of the most crucial things that you will need to do in Valheim. Other than the benefits of having the proper shelter, it is also fun creating special and interesting buildings. However, building in this game is quite complex, and much different then what we are used to with other games. You can say that Valheim is a mesh between Minecraft and Vikings, although the building is far more complicated in this game.

Valheim: How to Build a Cave House

Nevertheless, we will give you a template that you can use for your cave house, and also give you some tips on building.

How to Build a Cave House – Valheim

First off, if you’re are looking for the perfect cave house, or you want to follow along and build a cave house, follow the guide in this video:

Other then that, you must also keep in mind quite a few things if you want to build the perfect cave house.

Building Process

It is important to plan ahead and build for structural integrity first, and then to focus on esthetics. The best way to build structures is to build cube like structures first, like so:

So, when you’re building, just build these cubes, and if you want to add another floor, build one cube on top of this one. If you want to extend to the sides, then build a cube next to it, and so on.

After that you can put your flooring in and then continue modifying these to make them look more like a shelter then a cube. Don’t worry once you start adding stuff on it, it will blend in beautifully and won’t look like a cube anymore.

Make sure the ground is level, and that every bottom piece is connected to it! This is because pieces that touch the ground have the highest strenght.

Outside Support

To add on the strenght of your structures, you can also add diagonal beams outside the walls of your cave house.

Since they’re outside, they won’t clutter your interior and decrease your space. Also, when you add them, they also appear more of a appearance placed building piece, but on the contrary, they do give a lot of support.


Do not use horizontal beams for your support on the roof. They do not give any support, and they aren’t connected to the ground, which means they aren’t supporting pieces.

Instead, use vertical beams, the ones that are four meters, in order to reach the roof without losing much of structural integrity. If you’re using the cube-like building style, then the beams from those cubes can be extended to the roof.

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