Valheim: How to Get Back on Boat After Falling in Water



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Even though Valheim might seem like a straightforward game, it is far from it. While there are many complex survival mechanics, building, resource-gathering mechanics, sometimes easy objectives are challenging to do in this game. The point is that there are many stuff in the game which players, and especially, survival enthusiasts are not used to. The game is as realistic as possible, and it is very easy to see that.

Valheim: How to Get Back on Boat After Falling in Water

For example, many players can’t seem to figure out how to get back on a boat or a raft once they fall in the water. Mechanics are different, and you will see why.

How to Get Back on Boat After Falling in Water – Valheim

Like any other new game, most of the community is at the moment learning about all of the quirks and mechanics of Valheim.

There have been countless reports of players not being able to get back on their boat or raft after they have inevitably fallen in the water.  What you need to do in these cases is find the ladder on the boat or raft, and use that to get back into the boat.

In most games, to reenter a transportation vehicle, all you need to do is stand next to it. But as I said, Valheim is as realistic as possible, and even straightforward stuff are done realistically.

Valheim owes it success partly on the fact of how realistic it is. Similar quirks were where players couldn’t find out a way to access their boat storage. And for that, you will need to find the chest on the boat, aim at it and press [E] to use it.

Since there are many different boats in Valheim, is getting on each one different? At the moment, all of the different types of boats in Valheim have a ladder which you can use to get on it.

It is usually on the right-side of the boat, but when you fall in the water, make sure that you circle the boat and find out where it is exactly.

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