Valheim: How to Get Core Wood



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Valheim has tons of resources ready for you to collect. On your adventures, there will be much that you will need to do, and a big part of that is collecting different kinds of wood, especially core wood.

Valheim: How to Get Core Wood

For those that are not aware, from the different tree types in the game, you can acquire different kinds of wood. You will be required to get resources from a particular one for crafting, or similar objectives in the game.

To collect core wood, you must know which tree type it is from, and where you can find this tree.

How to Get Core Wood – Valheim

The infamous Black Forest has many tree types in Valheim. You can get all kinds of trees here, hence why it is called the Black Forest. Trees like pine, fir, and others can be collected here.

What you need to get the core wood is a pine tree in Valheim. All you need to do is walk up to a pine tree and chop it down. Once you do, continue chopping it to get regular wood and core wood logs!

The pine tree is a relatively skinny tree that is pretty high on average. For those that don’t know, you can walk up close to a tree, aim at it, and you will see what type of tree it is. A particular giveaway for pine trees is the fact that its branches and leaves start pretty high up.

The pine tree isn’t particularly a strong tree, which means that you can use a regular stone pickaxe to chop it down. Even though it might take some time, far more than it would with something like a bronze pickaxe for example.

You can chop down fir trees as well to get core wood, although you will get much more from the pine trees. There are thousands of uses for core wood for example log cabins, and getting it is a necessity!

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