Valheim Cauldron: How to Make Mead


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Since there are thousands of creatures and bosses in Valheim that won’t blink twice to take you down, you will need to be ready to defend yourself, and also emerge victorious!

Valheim Cauldron: How to Make Mead

They’re a big part to the game, and most bosses will drop some items that you will need in order to progress to the next stage of the game. The point being, you will need all of the firepower and advantages you can get!

Part of that is making mead, which in other words is a potion. There are different kinds of potions, and they’re absolutely crucial, especially in combat.

How to Make Mead – Valheim Cauldron

What you need to start brewing and making mead in Valheim is a cauldron. This is a pot in which you can cook ingredients to make mead. What you need to assemble a cauldron is:

  • 10x Tin
  • 1 Forge

Once you make the cauldron, you will need to place it above a fire, otherwise, you won’t be able to make the mead. After this point, it is relatively simple. Just walk up to the cauldron and use it.

In the crafting tab, you will have the meads that you can craft, as well as what you need to make that particular mead.

However, you won’t have the mead once you cook it in the cauldron. Instead, you will have a mead base, which will need to be fermented. To do so, you will need to build a fermenter. Build it, and then put the mead base in it.

It might say that it is too exposed, and if that is the case, you will need to build a roof over the fermenter in order to conceal it. Then it should take the mead base some time to ferment, and you will have a perfect mead.

Upgrading the cauldron and the other essentials will give you much more mead options, so you should consider doing so as you progress in Valheim.

For each mead you will need different resources to make it, so you will have to collect the quantity of each individual mead accordingly.

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