Valheim: How to Get Dragur Fang Bow


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Valheim is heavily-reliant on good gear when it comes to combat. However, is this the only thing you need to take on some of the bizarre creatures in this Viking world?

Valheim: How to Get Dragur Fang Bow

As a surprise to no one, having good gear is not the biggest thing you need to worry about. Your skills and mechanics must be at a peak performance, and there are countless ways to counter your enemies.

Regardless of that, that is not to say that good gear doesn’t come a long way. In fact, weapons like the Dragur Fang bow might be a game-changer for many players.

How to Get Dragur Fang Bow – Valheim

Bows are great because they offer much more versatility compared to melee weapons. There are many types of arrows out there, and each of them will be better for some bosses.

how to get dragur fang bow valheim

In any case, standing from afar and damaging your opponent is always a plus. The Dragur Fang bow is deemed the best bow in Valheim, and you can see why, by how hard it actually is to craft.

You will unlock the Dragur Fang bow recipe in Valheim, once all of the required materials are collected: ancient bark, guck, as well as silver.

These are all end-game items, so don’t fret if you haven’t found many of them. Once you have collected all of them though, you will unlock the recipe for this bow. Then, as far as equipment goes, you will need a workbench, a forge, and a smelter.

So, how can you get the materials for the Dragur Fang bow? Well, it is not as easy as we will make it sound, but it basically goes like this:

  • Silver 20 – Can be mined in the snowy Mountains.
  • Deer Hide 2 – From deers in the Black Forest and Meadows.
  • Ancient Bark 10 – From ancient trees in the Swamp.
  • Guck 10 – These will be the green-glowing guckballs in the Swamps. They can be mined with an axe or a pickaxe.

After that, you can start upgrading the Dragur Fang bow up to level 5 in the Forge. However, keep in mind that to do so, you will require the same materials, but in far bigger quantities.

Being the best bow in the game isn’t the only thing that the Dragur Fang bow has going for it. In other words, it glows in the dark, which in any case, looks very cool.

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