Valheim Campfire: How to Make Indoor Campfire


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Valheim is very interesting in many ways. It is rarely that we see a game that is so focused on being as close to reality as possible. Those that haven’t tried Valheim, won’t be aware of just how complex the game really is.

Valheim Campfire: How to Make Indoor Campfire

Players will get cold in Valheim. This means that if players want to survive, they must build a shelter as fast as possible. On top of that, the shelter has to be warm, with a campfire inside, don’t have any gaps, as that would let in cold air, and much more complicated stuff.

How to Make an Indoor Campfire – Valheim

The whole point is that even building a simple shelter can be relatively hard in Valheim. To add to the unforgiveness of the game, in order to have an indoor fire, players must have ventilation.

valheim how to make indoor campfire

If the smoke doesn’t have anywhere to go but inside the shelter, then players will have an issue with staying alive in the shelter.

So, to sum up, to make an indoor campfire, Valheim players must have a ventilation system, i.e. something that would get the smoke out of the hut.

However, it isn’t as simple as that. There are other things as well that players need to take a note of when building an indoor campfire in Valheim:

  • The campfire must be placed directly on the ground. Meaning, it can’t be placed on wood or building pieces.
  • The ventilation system has to be big enough to let out smoke, but also small enough to protect players from harsh weather. A good size is as big as the campfire.
  • A ventilation system is another wood for a chimney.
  • To build a campfire, players must have 5x stone and 2x wood to craft.

Having it in your house is much better because you can easily monitor it and keep the fire alive. There are many other “pioneering” ways to make indoor campfires, but this one, just works, and you don’t need anything else.

Look at the reference picture above, for an idea of how a Valheim chimney should look like.

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