Valheim: How to Get Iron – Guide to the Iron Age


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As you are progressing through Valheim you will advance quickly, and relatively fast will you reach the iron age. However, for many this is where the game turns a page, and becomes much more complicated. At the start of Valheim, things are stale, and the game does a good job to lead you on the correct path. The main reason I’m saying this is because so many are confused about how to get iron.

Valheim: How to Get Iron – Guide to the Iron Age

You don’t necessarily get prompted from where you can get iron, or what you have to do to reach this stage. Worry not though, all of your questions will be answered.

How to Get Iron – Valheim

To start getting iron, you will need to have the swamp key. The swamp key can be acquired from the infamous Elder boss, which is the second boss of the game. If you have already beat this boss and acquired the key, skip the next part.

To spawn the Elder, you will need to get three ancient seeds. The Elder will spawn randomly somewhere on your map, because in Valheim worlds are procedurally-generated.

You can acquire ancient seeds from grey dwarf nests. They will randomly spawn a dwarf with a club, which is the one that has a chance to drop an ancient seed. You’re also guaranteed an ancient seed if you break the nest, but these are scarce, so think about it before doing so.

When you have the three ancient seeds, burn them at the sacrificial altar somewhere in the Black Forest. Kill the Elder, and you will get the swamp key.

Then, you can proceed to the swamp biome. The swamp biome is the riches biome in iron, from here, you will get the most iron in the game. You will need to use the key to unlock Crypts.

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Crypts are rich in iron, and what you need to do is mine the muddy scrap piles. Bring at least two pickaxes to the crypts in the swamps in this game. Then, you will get iron scraps from the piles, and also from the chests in the crypts.

After that, you will have to walk all the way back to your base, since you cannot teleport with metals in Valheim. You will need to put the iron scraps in the smelter to make the iron that you need.

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