Valheim: How to Beat The Bonemass


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There are monsters in Valheim which will try to destroy you, and crush all of your efforts.

Valheim: How to Beat The Bonemass

Among the dangers of natural animals and monsters, there are also what are considered to be bosses in this game. It is great that developers have added these because they show a clear linear progression line, and also the challenges that you will face to take them down are engaging and immersive.

Among these bosses, a name will come up, Bonemass. This is the third boss in the game, and you will face him once you eliminate the Elder.

How to Beat the Bonemass – Valheim

From the second boss, Elder, you will get the swamp keys. You can use these to open dungeons in the swamp biome which will be rich in iron. Chances are that these will be the most effective way to get iron.

Here, in the swamp biome, you will meet Bonemass. He can be summoned with Wither Bones which can be found in the swamp dungeons. It’s important that you get iron from the dungeons before you fight this boss, so that you can make iron maces.

There are a lot of things that go into beating the Bonemass in Valheim, but here are some tips on how to do it:

  • This boss is weak to blunt damage, but he is also susceptible to frost arrows. You can do a combination of both. Make sure that you use the iron maces for melee damage.
  • You can also use a wooden club, if you prefer.
  • The Bonemass, as I said, is weak to frost. So, if you prefer to use a bow, make sure to travel to the snow biome to gather some supplies for that. Use finewood bows, which can be acquired from birch trees.
  • He will have a lot of poison, so it is highly important that you get yourself poison resistance mead. Get as many as possible!

Whether you’re a long-distance or a melee type of player, you can take this boss down either way. However, you will definitely eliminate him quicker if you use iron maces. But frost arrows are also a viable option.

Make sure not to overlook the poison resistance mead. Because there might be some deaths, make sure to get more then you normally would.

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