Valheim: How to Get Silver – Crafting Silver Weapons



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There are tons of resources and ores in Valheim. As you progress, you will slowly go from the wood age to the stone age, and slowly get to the silver age. Silver is particularly difficult to find and get, and you must reach a certain stage in the game first in order to start acquiring it. The main things you need to do first is to take down the Bonemass boss.

Valheim: How to Get Silver – Crafting Silver Weapons

Technically, you can do it without defeating this boss, but it extremely challenging without. The main reason is that the Bonemass will drop the Wishbone which is essential in getting silver!

How to Get Silver – Valheim

The Wishbone has one purpose, and that is to flash when you are above something valuable like silver. Green lines will appear from your character, and will flash more and more depending on your distance to silver.

So, to get silver, you must first defeat the Bonemass to get the Wishbone, and then go the Mountains biome as silver is most present there.

The typical way of farming silver is to grind it out. In other words, mine as much as possible in the Mountains biome. The deposits are quite large, and you do get a good amount of ores from them.

Crafting Silver

All you need to make ingots from silver ores is the smelter. Thankfully, you don’t need the blast furnace, you can manage everything with the smelter.

After you smelt the ores, all of the silver recipes will unlock and you can use the forge to craft anything you need. I would suggest crafting the Silver Sword as it can be great against undead creatures, and although it has similar stats to the iron one, it has some bonus effects as well.

On top of that, it is important that you get the Silver Shield and the Fang Spear. Most importantly though, make sure that you craft the Draugr Fang bow which is the fourth and final bow that you unlock.

Since you will need 10 guck which is extremely difficult to get, you can expect how potent this bow actually is. You can get guck in the swamp biomes, and it is usually scattered on trees. You must use the pickaxe to mine it.

Most of the silver weapons that you will craft will glow in the night which adds another layer of achievement.

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