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Valheim is a game in which your survival skills will be tested to the max. There are a lot of things you need to do like building a shelter, gathering food and resources, building useful buildings, taming animals, and much more. When you tame animals, you can use them later on and breed them, mainly as a source of sustenance. Getting boars for example is relatively hard.

Valheim: How to Tame & Breed Boars

Nevertheless, there are a few tips you can use when going out in search for boars. There are other animals which are far less tricky to capture, but boars can be found very easily.

How to Tame & Breed Boars – Valheim

First off, to tame and breed boars takes quite some time. Because of this, you will need to make a closed-off area, in which you can capture and breed the boars. Preferably, you need something with strong fences, because the boars will try to destroy the fences.

Make an area big enough to have at least two boars, and have a gate so that you can enter the contraption. The next thing that you need to do is find boars.

IMPORTANT: Before you get to finding boars, make sure that you have many red mushrooms. Pick at least one hundred. Leave some in the closed-off area in the middle.

Now, the next thing is to get the boars, and trap them inside the cage area:

  1. Find a boar.
  2. Lightly hit the boar so that it starts chasing you.
  3. Guide it to your contraption, and go inside it.
  4. When inside, find your way to leave the fenced-off area, while the boar is inside.

Success! Now you will have one trapped boar. Like I said, the boars will go crazy and try to break the fence. Make sure to repair it regularly.

After that, get more boars inside and start feeding them using blueberries, red mushrooms, or similar foods. They’ll have a percentage bar which showcases how far off they’re from becoming tamed.

When the percentage bar reaches 100%, the boars will be tamed, and if fed, they will start to breed among each other. The keyword here is feeding. Make sure to regularly give them food so that they will progress to being tamed, and also breed.

This whole process of taming bears might take a few in-game days.

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