Valheim: How to Get Surtling Core


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During your progression in Valheim, the game will take you to bizarre places, usually to get some resources that you might need on your Viking quest. With each thing that you create or craft in Valheim, chances are that you will need resources to use it.

Valheim: How to Get Surtling Core

Take the Surtling Core as an example. It is absolutely crucial that you get this item, as soon enough, you will need it for your smelter and charcoal kiln. Finding it though is a bit of a hassle.

It is not as though the Surtling Core is a common item. However, we will show you where to get it!

How to Get Surtling Core – Valheim

The Surtling Core has one purpose. It is used as a substitute for charcoal, as it has a core which produces a lot of heat. So, this item is more of a heat source for the smelter and the kiln.

It can be found in a couple of places. For example, it can be found in caves and dungeons, random chests, drops, and more. The best chances of getting it though is definitely from dungeons or caves.

What you need to do to get a Surtling Core is to find a cave. For those that do not know, caves can be found through the stones at the entrance. The entrances usually have walls of stones, which look very similar to the famous Stonehenge.

Go inside, and start exploring the cave. Your best bet inside the cave is to go inside each of the “rooms”. They will have a stick sticking out of the ground, similar to a torch, that will have the Surtling Core inside.

Avoid looking in the hallways of the cave, since the chances of finding them there is highly unlikely. Also, the chests inside the dungeon or cave might have a higher chance to give you a Surtling Core as well. This method is by far the easiest and fastest way to get these cores.

Caves will be randomly generated, but if you’re struggling to find one, we would suggest searching in the forests, as it seems they have the highest chance to appear there.

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