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Storage is important in Valheim. Much of the time you will spend farming resources, you will need somewhere to store them, and potentially move them around easily. Something which you can’t do if all of your resources are in the inventory of your character.

Valheim: How to Use Boat Storage

There are multiple devices that will drastically increase how efficient your farms are, and you will have much more capacity for resources to bring home to your base.

The cart and the boat are similar in that nature, as you can store many items in the storage compartments of each, and then navigate them back to your base.

How to Use Boat Storage – Valheim

However, even though it is quite straightforward assembling both, the difficulties come when you want to access the storage and place or take out items from it.

It is not that it is hard, but the game doesn’t exactly prompt you on the process on how you can do so.

There are a few boats in Valheim, but most of them are similar to how you can use boat storage:

To access the storage in Valheim’s boats, you will need to jump in the boat, and somewhere in the middle you will find a storage box. Click your interact key to open the storage, usually “E”.

Like I said, most of the boats have minor differences, but some are bigger, and therefore have much more storage capacity. The smallest one has four slots, while the bigger ones get much more.

The cart works similar. There is a storage in the back, while the handles can be used to drive the cart around. To access the storage on the cart, you need to interact with the storage in the back.

While to start moving around with the cart, you will need to interact with the handle bars. With the cart you can move around and farm resources at the same time which is quite time-effective.

You should consider upgrading to a better boat if you do quite a bit of traveling in Valheim. This is so that you can bring back a lot of resources to your base.

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