Valheim Repairing Guide: How to Repair Axe and Other Tools



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Valheim is a complex game. It is a survival game fundamentally, which automatically means that it has complicated progression mechanics. Nevertheless, layered on top are different aspects to the game, aspects that make it a strong contender for one of the best survival games out there. All this is to say that you shouldn’t expect an easy or straightforward gameplay.

Valheim Repairing Guide: How to Repair Axe and Other Tools

You will definitely run into roadblocks with many mechanics, and objectives you need to complete. For some reason, repairing tools and other items seems complicated to many.

Maybe it is because the game doesn’t necessarily “show” you how to fix your stuff.

How to Repair an Axe and Other Tools – Valheim Repairing Guide

All of the tools or weaponry in this game has durability. There will be a durability status bar underneath the weapon icon in your inventory. This will show you how “healthy” the tool or weapon is, and/or how far it is from breaking.

To prevent that from happening, all you need to do is fix them. Interestingly, it isn’t complicated or resource-hungry as many think.

All you need to do is click the hammer icon when interacting with the forge or the workbench, depending on what type of weapon or tool you have. Here is a reference picture:

Workbench – Repairing Guide Valheim


What do I mean the forge and the workbench? Well, each type of weapon or tool gets fixed on either the forge or the workbench. The workbench is usually for less advanced tools like stone pickaxe.

You will definitely build the workbench in the first couple of days playing Valheim. It is absolutely essential for later progression. Also, it is easily crafted.

If you have an issue where you can’t interact with the workbench, then build a roof over it. Most of the stuff like workbenches, fermenters, and other objects must be with a roof in Valheim.


However, the with the forge, you can fix tools like the bronze pickaxe, and similar tools that use different kinds of metals, and not particularly wooden or stone.

Before you go about repairing your tools, it is important to note that you also have levels for workbenches and forges. Depending on the items, you might need a certain level of forge or a workbench to repair the item.

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