Valheim: Secret Viking Treasure Burial Grounds



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There is more then it meets the eye when it comes to Valheim. These Viking lands are filled with mystery and rich with stories, but do you have what it takes to survive them?

Valheim: Secret Viking Treasure Burial Grounds

Valheim is considered to be the turning point in the survival games genre. The whole game is quite different to other survival titles on the market, and has many unique mechanics and systems that make it unique.

My point is that while progression is probably the most important aspect in the game, one which many emphasize, the game has a rich story as well.

Secret Viking Treasure Burial Grounds – Valheim

There are some remains you can find on your journeys in this world, and most of them are caves and crypts which are left by Viking predecessors or made by the creatures in the game.

Looting and exploring these might yield some valuables for players. Take surtling cores for example, they can be found in caves and dungeons and are essential to craft furnaces. Nevertheless, on top of these remains, there are secret Viking treasure burial grounds in Valheim as well.

They look like what you might expect. Usually, they have a horizontal flat rock, with three or less rocks that are positioned vertically.

Many were confused as to what these actually are, and most discarded them as unusual rock spawns. However, they’re far from that, they’re the burial grounds for warriors – previous Vikings!

Looting Viking Burial Grounds

These aren’t just an esthetic to the game in order to add a richer story. They can also be looted, and sometimes you might get lucky and get some valuable stuff.

Most of the time it is a hit or miss with these, as sometimes you might get nothing from them, and other times you can get some good stuff that will prove to be useful on your journey. All you need to do is use a pickaxe to break the flat rock piece, and if there is some loot, you will obtain it.

Since there are quite present in Valheim’s world, most of them don’t yield much valuable loot, if any.

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