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With so many creatures in Valheim, it is hard to keep track of these. On top of all of the survival aspects in this game, you can also tame animals and breed them.

Valheim: How to Tame a Lox Creature

Now, most are aware that you can tame boars in Valheim. This is an essential thing to do if you want some resources and sustenance in order to progress. On top of that, you can also tame wolves, which came in as a surprise to many.

But that is not all. You can also tame lox creatures, which are one of the biggest beasts in the game. I guess this is really a Viking game.

How to Tame a Lox Creature – Valheim

Well, taming a lox creature is a tad bit more difficult then taming wolves even. You must have progressed a bit into the game, especially, you will need to have stone walls since loxes hit quite hard.

As usual just like with the boar or wolf, make a fenced off area, but make sure to use stone walls. Place a platform on which you can jump and escape once you lure the lox inside the sanctuary.

Make sure to stack up on Barley, as you will need that to feed the loxes. Make sure to leave a bigger opening for the lox, since they’re quite bigger than the wolves and boars in this game.

You can find barley and loxes in the plains biome. When all of the above-mentioned requirements are met, then do the following to tame a lox creature in Valheim:

  1. Build a sanctuary close to some loxes.
  2. Go close to one, or more and aggro it. Standing next to it will do so.
  3. Lure the loxes in your fenced off area.
  4. Jump on the platform and then walk around and build walls in order to trap the loxes.

After you have done all that, you can walk far away from that area in order to stop the loxes hitting the walls of the pen.

Also, be careful that the loxes don’t destroy the walls, because it might be easy since they do tons of damage.

Then just like when taming a wolf or a boar, feed them until their taming experience bar gets filled to 100%. This shouldn’t take more than two in-game days.

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