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Even though Valheim is a hardcore survival game that is solely focused on progression, the developers have made it easy for those that want to achieve greatness much faster.

Valheim: How To Reveal Your Whole Map Cheat

There is a console in Valheim that you can use for some much needed server commands, but you can also use it if you want to find a quick way to do something, for example, revealing the whole map instantly.

When you start a world in Valheim, the world is unknown, you will have to explore it fully to map it out.

How to Reveal Your Whole Map Cheat – Valheim

The worlds in Valheim are procedurally-generated, which means that all world are random and get generated as you progress in the game. It is similar to Minecraft, as there the worlds are generated in the form of chunks.

This is great, as the game feels much more realistic, but that also means that the game is much more challenging also. Like I said, there are many commands in Valheim, and the same goes for cheats.

In order to reveal your whole map, you will need to do the following inside of Valheim:

  1. Launch Valheim and go into a game.
  2. Open up the console and type in: “imacheater”.
  3. Then, to explore the whole map immediately, type in: “exploremap”.
  4. The whole map should be revealed to you.

If you’re running a server then learning about all of the commands might be much helpful to you, as there are commands which are extremely useful.

You can also reset you map if you want to unexplore it. The command to unexplore the map is: “resetmap”.

This command won’t change anything about the world that was randomly generated for you, but it will remove the map, and the map will appear unexplored. Much of the progress that you made exploring the map will be wiped as well.

For more commands and cheats you can visit our official command and cheats page. Also, if you’re having any trouble with progressing in Valheim, you can check out our wiki for more help.

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