Valheim: Where to Find Dungeons



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Valheim has many adventures that players can go on if they have what it takes.

Valheim: Where to Find Dungeons

Nonetheless, going to these places is something that you will have to do either way, since locations like dungeons, crypts, and other caves have many resources which are needed in order to advance to the next stage in the game.

While these places are harsh, the resources you get from them outweigh the dangers of it. What is interesting though, is the fact that they isn’t really an abundance of caves in Valheim, so finding one is as difficult as clearing one.

Where to Find Dungeons – Valheim

Most of the world tells a historic story in Valheim. So, stuff like dungeons are actually burial chambers for other predecessor Vikings.

Since they’re abandoned and forgotten, they’re now nests for things like goblins and other creatures, which are out to get you anyway they can.

Let’s get right to it. You can find dungeons in the Black Forest and meadows biomes, in Valheim. Their spawn-rate is low, and they spawn randomly.

There isn’t really a quick way of finding them, but in order to find them as efficiently as possible, you will need to have an image of how they look. Here is a reference picture that might help you on your journeys:

Their entrance is usually made out of rocks, and it has a lot of similarities to the real-life monument called, Stonehenge. There are also burial grounds that aren’t caves, but there is usually a Viking buried there.

You cannot miss those as well, they look similar, often times with one big flat rock, and other two-three vertical ones. Additionally, there is some loot to be gained from these as well.

As for loot from dungeons, there are many stuff you can expect like: surtling cores, gems, mushrooms, coins, and bones.

When you enter these dungeons, make sure that you bring a shield with you as there are many creatures inside. Most of them are: skeletons, rancid remains, evil bone piles, and ghosts.

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