This is How to Fix Valheim’s Incompatible Version Error


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It is no secret that Valheim was a bundle of errors since its release. Nonetheless, this is to be expected with any game, and especially ones that are early access, a game that Valheim was. Still, while many are quick to criticize how many errors there were, the developers were quick to deal with many of them, and Valheim is now very stable and enjoyable.

This is How to Fix Valheim’s Incompatible Version Error

However, there are still some issues though. But they’re not connected to the game, but to the host’s particular game. The incompatible version error is one of them.

Valheim: How to Fix Incompatible Version Error

While this error might sound very complicated, and something that requires some knowledge to be fixed, it is actually just a case of a version discrepancy.

In other words, the issue that causes this error is just that, an incompatible version between players, i.e. between the host and other players.

THIS is how to fix valheims incompatible version error 1

So then, all you need to do to fix the incompatible version error in Valheim is to update Valheim. Since this could either be the host or you, make sure that you both update the game.

If you have a hosted server, then make sure that the server is up-to-date as well. Since this is more of a client-related issue as I said, there will be no fix for it possibly.

In order to play the game multiplayer, you must have the latest version at all times, and avoid leaving your version to get out-of-date. There are also auto-updates features that you can use on Steam if you don’t want to manually update the game.

This will be a frequent problem for many players, mainly due to the fact that Valheim gets a lot of updates, especially these days.

Valheim is always growing, and its player base as well, hence why Iron Gate AB are doing everything in their power to make the game as stable as possible and full of new content.

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