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There is a whole lot of preparation and strategizing you will need to do while playing Valheim. The main reason for this is to make your life as easy as possible for further progression in the game. Building your first base is really important, and while you have to do it quick in the first couple of days, you should put into consideration where the best place for your base might be.

Valheim: Where You Should Build Your First Base

This is all to make it easier as you progress in the game to get to places, to have much more resources available to you and essentially make it easier to get to the next stage.

Where You Should Build Your First Base – Valheim

Your first base shouldn’t be used for the whole game. Most of the variables that we will take into consideration will be variables that are important for the first stages of the game.

But as you continue on your journey, your resource needs change, and soon enough you will find yourself having trouble getting the ones that you need. So, where should you build your first base?

Black Forest

Ideally, you will need to make a base right on the edge of a Black Forest. This forest has many trees that you will need, but also stuff you will need to gather to beat bosses.

I would say that it is essential to be as close to one as possible!


While the Black Forest is important, water is too. The main reason why you should be near water is to mine flint and tin. Both materials will be important on your journey and they’re most present when you’re close to water.

Best placement is near the shore.

Swamp & Snow Biome

Now, the swamp and snow biome are important too. The snow biome won’t be that accessible in the early game, but it will be somewhere around mid-game, as you’re transitioning from the swamp biome.

The swamp biome is important as there you will take down the Bonemass boss, and it will be your main source of iron. You can get iron from the crypts in the swamp biome.

On a side note, you will need to beat the second boss and get the swamp keys to go inside the crypts inside the swamp biome.

That’s all you need to be close to for your first base. To sum up, your base should be close to: water, Black Forest, swamp biome, and snow biome.

Technically, you can make it anywhere you desire, but this way, you will have a much easier time progressing from early to mid game.

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