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Mining is a huge part of Valheim. In order to progress in this harsh Viking world, you must transition from the wood age to the metal age.

Valheim: How to Mine Ore

When you reach a point in Valheim, where you are comfortable going in caves and dungeons, you can start transitioning in the metal age. This is subjective, but you can expect to do so after defeating the first or second boss.

At the start, you will need to start mining copper and tin, which will be your breakthrough to the metal age. Bronze and gold come a while after that.

How to Mine Ore – Valheim

Charcoal Kiln & Smelter

Before you start mining ore, you will need to make a smelter and a charcoal kiln. You will need these to smelt down the scraps that you get when mining for these materials.

For each, you will need five surtling cores, or 10 in total. You can get these from burial grounds in the Black Forest. The surtling cores will glow a dark red color, and they are usually placed on torch-like sticks.

After you make both of these, you can progress to start mining ores.


Before heading on your farming journey, I suggest that you take a cart with you for storage. This will ensure that you have enough storage for all of the materials that you mine. Also, make sure to make 3-4 pickaxes if you’re planning to farm a lot.


To start mining tin, make sure to go near big bodies of water. Close to the water, on the shore, you will find tin deposits. This is what you will have to mine to get tin ores.

These can be found on a few locations, but most of the time, they spawn near the water.


Copper deposits can be found in the Black Forest. There isn’t a blueprint on where these usually spawn, so make sure to walk around in the Black Forest. Walk in areas where there aren’t as many trees, as they have a higher probability of spawning.

Like the tin deposits, the copper ones will give you copper ores.


Before you start smelting the ores, you will need to use the charcoal kiln to make charcoal. Put in as much wood as possible (max. 25). Wait for the charcoal, and then put it in one side of the smelter.

Then put your copper or tin in the other side of the smelter. The smelter will burn them, and give you bars of each in front of the smelter.

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