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Viper’s Poison Cloud can be used as a one-way smoke on Ascent. Smoke off entryways and score cheap and easy kills with these Viper One-way Smokes on Ascent.

VALORANT: Viper One-way Smokes on Ascent (Defending)

Ascent is one of the more traditional VALORANT maps regarding bombsite positioning and layout. The floating Italian town ruins sport a map layout that every tactical shooting game has probably used at one point in time – the traditional A-bombsite-middle lane-B-bombsite layout.

Because of the relatively unrestricted skybox, almost any Agent will be able to shine on Ascent. Molly Lineups and Trap Setups are easy to execute from basically anywhere on Ascent, which means Agents such as Sova and Killjoy are probably some of the more common Agent picks for Ascent in general.

The star of our article today, Viper, is likewise a very viable pick on Ascent (and just about any map, for that matter), where she can effortlessly stall and stop enemy team pushes on Defense with her Toxic Wall and Snake Bite ability. However, today, we will be focusing on perhaps her most underrated ability: Poison Cloud.

We have compiled some of the most helpful Viper One-way Smokes on Ascent, which can help you solo-defend a bombsite with relative ease.

Viper Poison Cloud

Viper’s Poison Cloud is a spherical smoke-type ability commonly seen on Controller-type Agents.

What sets Poison Cloud apart from other smoke abilities in VALORANT is Viper’s ability to redeploy and manually toggle the smoke throughout the round. (there is an 8-second delay when reactivating the Poison Cloud)

Poison Cloud runs off of Viper’s Fuel Bar – a passive ability that “fuels” her Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud abilities.

Unlike other smoke abilities such as Omen’s Dark Cover and Brimstone’s Sky Smoke (which both have a predetermined duration), Viper’s Poison Cloud’s duration is purely dependent on the amount of “Fuel” Viper currently has available.

Poison Cloud does not just function as a smoke cover, though, as any enemy passing through the Poison Cloud will immediately be inflicted with 50 Decay Damage.

As you already probably realized, Poison Cloud is a value-packed ability that can serve multiple functions for just about every situation. Knowing how to maximize its benefits will help you solo-defend bombsites when playing Viper.

Ascent A-site – A-Main Viper One-way Smokes

The majority of site entries into Ascent’s A-site will come from A-Main.

A-Main is the shortest and quickest route towards A-site. Being the fastest route towards the A-site has its drawbacks, though, as the Attacking team will be forced to tough out whatever defenses the Defending team has prepared around the A-Main area.

The A-Main arch is a chokepoint barely wide enough for two players to stand side-by-side, making it the perfect spot for a Viper One-way Smoke.

Whether you opt to use Viper’s Poison Cloud ability as a one-way smoke or as a simple smoke covering the entire A-Main Entrance will be entirely up to you. However, we will argue that these one-way smokes might be better than standard smokes since you will be able to see the enemies, but they can not see you.

Here is a Viper One-way Smoke for A-Main:

  1. With the pre-round barrier still up, stand on top of this corner along the A-site stairs:

2. Look towards the A-Main Arch:

3. Aim your crosshair on top of this small vertical strip on Arch’s right side:

4. Left-click-throw Viper’s Poison Cloud:

Enemy POV:

Seize control of A-Tree with this Viper One-way Smoke. When done correctly, the Poison Cloud canister should land on the small ledge on the A-Main entryway:

Enemy POV:

Ascent A-site – Tree Room Viper One-way Smokes

Seize control of A-Tree with this Viper One-way Smoke.

As one of the more traditional maps in VALORANT in terms of its basic layout, Ascent’s gameplay will revolve around the middle area for both the Attacking and Defending teams.

Because Ascent Middle splits both bombsites equally, Defender or Attacker rotations can easily be cut off by whoever gains control of Middle within a given round.

For Attackers, Middle control means that they gain access to either B-Market or A-Tree as additional routes towards either B-site or A-site, respectively.

With this in mind, a simple Viper One-way Smoke at A-Tree should help suppress the Attacking team’s push towards the A-site.

  1. Get inside of A-Tree:

2. Align yourself with the rightmost frame of this door:

3. Look for this lamp to the right of the A-Tree entrance:

4. Place your crosshair on the bottom right corner of the lamp:

5. Jump + Right-click throw the Poison Cloud canister:

When done correctly, the Poison Cloud canister should land in the gap between the lamp and the wall:

Enemy POV:

Ascent A-site – Garden Viper One-way Smokes

A-site is almost impossible to retake when the enemy team gains control of A-Garden and A-Rafters. Prevent that scenario with this simple Viper One-way Smoke for A-Garden.

You can expect an Attacker push from both A-Main and A-Tree when they gain control of Ascent’s Middle. Ascent’s Middle is pretty easy for the Attacking team to pass through since all they have to smoke off is the Lower Middle Arch.

With only two players holding from A-site and A-Tree at any given time, the Defending team will often be at a disadvantage against a full Attacking team push into A-site.

The least you can do is score a few quick picks from A-Garden with a One-way Smoke.

You can alternate between the A-Tree One-way Smoke and this A-Garden One-way Smoke to lure the enemies into thinking that A-Tree is safe and clear. The Attacking team will have to cross the A-Garden Entrance as they make their way into the A-site from A-Tree, making this Viper One-way Smoke pretty useful.

  1. Stand in the middle of the A-Window:

2. Look towards the A-Tree entryway’s lamp:

3. Aim towards the top of the lamp’s arm:

4. Left-click-throw the Poison Cloud canister:

When done properly, the Poison Cloud canister should tuck in nicely between the wall and the A-Tree entryway lamp:

Enemy POV:

Ascent B-site – B-Main Viper One-way Smokes

The B-Main and A-Main entrances are chokepoints that can accentuate a One-way Smoke.

Compared to the A-Main entrance back at the A-site, B-Main’s arch is considerably smaller measuring just 4 meters in width, making it an even better chokepoint for Cypher Trap WiresKilljoy Nanoswarms. Of course, Viper’s One-way Poison Cloud can be used to great effect here. 

The very sight of a one-way Poison Cloud should often be enough to deter the Attacking team from pushing out of B-Main. Viper’s Poison Cloud inflicts 50 Decay Damage to whoever touches it, making incoming enemies much easier to gun down.

The Attacking team knows this for sure, and you have the definite advantage from behind this Viper One-way Smoke.

For the best results, spam through this Viper One-way Smoke from Market Stairs with a Phantom. The Phantom’s lack of bullet tracers and suppressed firing noise should help keep your position behind the One-way Smoke hidden from the enemy team. 

  1. Stand in this corner at the Defender Side Spawn:

2. Turn around and look towards the B-Main entrance:

3. Aim for the red part of the roof between the solar panels and the ducting on the roof:

4. Left-click-throw the Poison Cloud canister:

When done properly, the Poison Cloud canister should land neatly on top of this small ledge on the B-Main entrance:

Enemy POV:

Ascent Middle – Mid Courtyard One-way Smokes

Catch Attackers taking Middle control off guard with this Viper One-way Smoke for the Lower Middle Courtyard.

We keep egging on about how important Middle control is on a map like Ascent for a good reason – the more lanes and space your team controls in a given round, the harder it will be for the opposing team to execute their plan for the given round.

The easiest way to keep the Attacking team from waltzing around Middle Courtyard is a couple of basic smokes that cover the Top Middle and Middle Link lanes – two lanes that the Attackers need to attack either A-site or B-site on Ascent.

However, if you want to take Middle defense upon yourself, here is a Viper One-way Smoke for Lower Middle.

  1. Stand in this corner at Mid Bottom:

2. Look towards the Mid Bottom arch and aim at this white line just under the sculpture:

3. Left-click-throw the Poison Cloud canister:

When done properly, the Poison Cloud canister should tuck in underneath the Mid Bottom arch’s head sculpture:

Enemy POV:

Toxic Ascencion

Just about any Controller can shine and be impactful on Ascent. Omen, Brimstone, Astra, and Viper all have a utility that they can use to block off sightlines and entryways around the map.

Viper is undoubtedly a solid choice if your team is looking for a hybrid Controller/Sentinel Agent who can secure space and defend a bombsite on their own.

You can take advantage of the very flexible placement of Viper’s Poison Cloud ability with these Viper One-way Smokes on Ascent. One-way smokes are great for gaining the upper hand on unsuspecting enemies. Spamming unsuspecting enemy team players through one-way smokes can be very effective for stalling or deterring an incoming enemy team rush into just about any bombsite on Ascent.

So, there we have it! If you liked these One-way smokes for Ascent, you will love this article on Cypher One-way Smokes on Ascent.

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