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There are rare items and materials in Craftopia. An example of this would be the Blue Herb. Rare things will have some light being emitted from them.

Craftopia How To Find Blue Herb

The Blue Herb is no exception. Like other rarities, this herb also has this light. This herb can be used as a material to make other things. Let’s see how to find Blue Herb in Craftopia!

Finding Blue Herb in Craftopia

The Blue Herb is tough to find. It looks the same as the red and the yellow herb, with the only difference being that it emits a rare light.

To find it, you will need to go on the Islands level 1 on the world map. It has an entirely random spawn rate, and it can spawn in very different places.

Where to find Blue Herb :

1. Go High Up

Go to higher ground and look around for it on little hills or mountains. If you don’t find it here, this can be an excellent place to spot it far away.

So, go high up and look around the world to see if you can spot a blue light.

2. Use Vehicles

Depending on which age you are at the game, you can use vehicles to roam around and find it quickly.

However, if you are at the beginning of the game, you can’t craft any dedicated vehicles to help you move around quickly.

3. Find Red And Yellow Herbs

Find fields of red and yellow herbs and try to find it there. There is a higher chance it will spawn next to other herbs, which are easier to find.

4. Avoid Rocky Terrain

Avoid rocks and trees. The herb grows in fields, so look around green grassy areas.

As for exact locations for the Blue Herb, there aren’t any since the spawns are very random. You will need to be lucky to find it. Keep in mind the above-mentioned things to help speed up the process. Good luck, explorer!

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