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If you want to battle the cruel monsters in Craftopia, you will need the proper gear. However, there is a problem in Craftopia. Players can’t seem to figure out how to acquire gear and equipment.

Craftopia : How To Get Clothes/Gear

You can get different resources, materials, and weapons from looting, but not clothes. Some have even gotten to a 3-4 level map and didn’t get any clothes. This is how to get clothes or gear in Craftopia.

How To Acquire Clothes and Gear In Craftopia

It seems like clothes or gear cannot be looted from mobs or chests. There isn’t anything official stating this. However, many players report that this is true.

So, how do you get clothes? Well, you can do so with crafting. There are a lot of crafting options for different styles of clothing, or stronger and weaker gear.

To craft armor, you need to get the Crafting Station or Forge. On average, you can expect to need 20x Leather to craft something. Also, if you want to create hats, you can do so at the Hatter station. Leather requirements for hats vary, unlike armor.

In the beginnings, you can expect to get weak clothes and gear. But, as the game progresses and when you will be able to blacksmith stuff, which is where you will get a strength boost.

You can get Leather by killing mobs and animals. The drop rates are about 1x or 2x per animal. Stronger armor will require things other than Leather, such as iron and similar. Also, you can get clothes on your first island, even though most players disagree. But, it is a common misconception.

Esthetic-wise, you can get pretty different clothes based on your taste. For now, this is the only way to get clothes, and we are not sure if in the future developer will implement armor from loot. Until that day, have fun in the world of Craftopia!

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