Craftopia : How To Use The Excavator And Container



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Mining is pretty essential in Craftopia. You will continuously need ingots to create particular objects or devices or advance into the new age.

Craftopia : How To Use The Excavator And Container

You can easily mine with a pickaxe but, the issue is that it takes up so much time, and the pickaxes break very easily. Instead, you can make an Excavator and a Container to make an auto ingot farm. See below how to use the Excavator and Container.

How To Use The Excavator And Container

How to use excavator and container in Craftopia :

The first thing that you will have to do is find bedrock. Find a big chunk of bedrock exposed on the surface.

Next, you will need to craft a Stone Workbench. Required:

  • 10x Stone
  • 10x Logs

Open up the crafting menu on the workbench, and then navigate to power tools. Build the Excavator. Required:

  • 10x Cogwheel
  • 5x Batteries
  • 5x Bioethanol

While you are at it, build a Container, and a few Belt Conveyers (four should be enough).

Place the Excavator directly above the bedrock. See where the ores are being thrown. If you don’t have an open space there, move the Excavator accordingly.

Once you found the right spot and the ores are thrown to a vast open space, place the Container there. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be precisely at that spot.

Next, use Belt Conveyors to get the ores into the Container. It would help if you placed them, so the ores have a clear path to the Container.

This is a straightforward way of mining ores. Technically, you can go to the old-school way, but there is no reason to do that. This saves so much time, and it will gather materials while you are roaming the world.

Keep in mind that you need to be at least at the Industrial age to make this farm, or in order words, make the Excavator and Container. There are 16 slots in which full stacks of ores can be placed. Good luck, survivor!

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