Destiny 2: Smuggling Compartments Location | Week 1


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There have been a lot of interesting new additions in Destiny 2. The Presage mission is the most famous mission in Destiny 2 at the moment, partly because it is so connected with completing other challenges and missions as well. On top of that, you get the Dead Man’s Tale from it, which is an exotic scout rifle. Even though it is a scout, it is a hefty piece of weaponry.

Destiny 2: Smuggling Compartments Location | Week 1

Nonetheless, after getting your first Captain’s Log, you will also start with the Tucked Away mission, which is finding and opening smuggling compartments.

Smuggling Compartment Week 1 Location – Destiny 2

The smuggling compartments will be available until the season’s end, and each week, there will be a different smuggling compartment for you to find. You can start collecting these even later, even if you missed the first week’s one.

destiny 2 smuggling compartments location week one

So, because Destiny’s developers have endless hiding places for quest’s objectives it seems like, we thought it best to share the location for the first week smuggling compartment.

Since the exact location can be exactly pinpointed, the week 1 smuggling compartment location will be separated into a few parts:

  1. After you land in the ship, you will be in some sort of a duct.
  2. Soon after the second left, there will be a vent which you can shoot behind some fungus.
  3. Use the tablet on the ground to open the hidden smuggling compartment’s location.

Sometimes you might not be able to use the tablet, which means only one thing. You have only completed Presage once or not at all.

Again, to be able to collect hidden compartments, players must complete the Presage mission at least twice in order to be able to use the tablets, or even get the Tucked Away mission for that matter.

This is because after finishing the Presage mission two times, you will get the first Captain Log, which is part of the story, and what will let you unlock the hidden smuggling compartments.

To get all captain’s logs though, one must complete the Presage each week. The Captain’s Log will be acquired automatically.

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destiny 2 smuggling compartments location week 2

Destiny 2: Smuggling Compartments Location | Week 2