Destiny 2: Smuggling Compartments Location | Week 2


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Getting all of the smuggling compartments might be a hassle in Destiny 2’s newest season. This goes for starting the quest as well. To start getting all of the smuggling compartments, players will need to get the first captain log. Getting the first captain’s log will be after completing the Presage mission, arguably one of the toughest missions out there at the moment. After that, players will need to collect a smuggling compartment each week.

Destiny 2: Smuggling Compartments Location | Week 2

However, each week, these smuggling compartments change location. Also, many have missed the first and second smuggling compartment. So, we will show you exactly where to get week 2 one.

Smuggling Compartment Week 2 Location – Destiny 2

Most of the time, these smuggling compartments are so well hidden that one could not even notice them. Plus, they’re usually behind some walls or doors, which can be opened with the tablets that you find.

destiny 2 smuggling compartments location week two

Ultimately, all of these smuggling compartments are part of the Tucked Away mission, which will unlock only after players unlock their first captain’s log, which is a challenge in and of itself.

Still, let’s get down to business and explore the Presage to find the week 2 smuggling compartment:

  1. Continue forwards in the first vents that you enter, after entering the ship.
  2. Don’t stop until you reach the dropdown opening that leads to the door, which will lead you to the start of the mission.
  3. Access the tablet which is in the corner of the vent.
  4. Behind you there should be a door that has been opened.
  5. Enter through the doorway and you will find the smuggling compartment for week 2 in Destiny 2.

There will be much more smuggling compartments that will be implemented in the game in the following weeks, so be sure to stick around and follow us to get information about the latest locations.

Getting to these is always difficult, but there is no denying that all of the missions in Destiny 2 are usually rewarding, especially ones like the Presage, and other side missions.

Make sure to collect the captain’s logs as well, which can be done automatically by completing the Presage mission each week!

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