Destiny 2: Smuggling Compartments Location | Week 3


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Exploring can be a daunting task in Destiny 2, especially if you have run the Presage mission for a crazy amount of times. However, that is required if you want to collect all of the smuggling compartments. As for the captain’s logs, they get automatically obtained upon completion of the mission, but the smuggling compartments are hidden in a new spot each week, which makes them really difficult to find.

Destiny 2: Smuggling Compartments Location | Week 3

Other than that, they are usually behind big walls and openings which are relatively unnoticeable. To open these, one must access the tablet which is usually somewhere near.

Smuggling Compartments Week 3 Location – Destiny 2

Similar to the other smuggling compartments, the ones from the other weeks, this week’s compartments is hidden exceptionally well also. We thought it would be best to give you the exact location to save you from the trouble of looking for it yourself.

destiny 2 smuggling compartments location week three

Only a couple of more smuggling compartments remain until the season’s end, and even those that have missed the other one have still a chance to acquire all of them.

Because it is a tad bit difficult to pinpoint the exact location for the third week’s smuggling compartment, we thought it be best to give you a little guide:

  1. Keep progressing in the starting vents until you reach a burning wall.
  2. Get a buff in order to go through the burning wall.
  3. After going through, follow the path on the right side, and soon you will see a tablet on the ground.
  4. Access the tablet, and a door on the right will be opened.

Enter through the door, and you should see a chest with the week 3 smuggling compartment inside.

At the moment there are only four available smuggling compartments, but soon, the next one will be revealed, so stay tuned to be up to date with the latest smuggling compartment locations.

Many players speculate that there will only be five smuggling compartments for the Tucked Away mission, and it does seem to be shaping up to be that way. That means that the week following from the time of writing will be the last smuggling compartment.

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