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There are many things in Valheim that will be of definite help in your adventure and quests. The game is oriented for progression, and in order to progress successfully, you will need to automate stuff.

Valheim Cart: How to Use and Build

The point is that there are helpful items like the cart, that will help you with storage, as well as moving stuff around. Using the cart is much better, since when you go out and farm certain stuff like wood or similar, you can more efficiently move around the resources.

How to Build the Cart – Valheim

If you want to streamline you farming a bit more, that you should definitely use a cart. You can put a lot of resources in it, and then grab it by the handlebars and move it around.

This means that you pretty much have a movable chest at your disposal. On top of these positives, you can also attack and farm while moving with the cart, although your mobility wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t do so.

How do you build the cart in Valheim? You will need a workbench to assemble the cart and you will also need the following materials:

  • 10x Bronze Nails
  • 20x Wood

Technically, it is more of a mid-game item, since you will need some bronze nails to craft it. From one bronze bar you can get 20 Bronze Nails, which in the end isn’t that much.

How to Use the Cart – Valheim

Like I said, the cart has two uses. It holds a lot of storage for resources, tools, and other items, and you can also drive it around using the handle bars.

To access the storage, just aim at the storage unit on it and press USE – which is [E] by default.

As for moving it around, it is the same, but instead of aiming in the back of the cart, aim at the handlebars and press your key bind for USE.

Movement is impaired when driving it around, but you can still attack and do stuff while doing so. However, I would suggest to leave it, farm the resources you need, out them in the cart, and then drive it to your base.

Be careful, the cart can break, so if you’re hitting it on objects and stuff, it has certain damage that it can withstand.

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