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While Valheim is well on its way of becoming one of the best survival games of all time, many are still having second thoughts on whether to get this game at all.

Valheim: How to Save Your Progress

The main issue that the players have is progression save. For many, it isn’t clear what is saved on this game, and how the worlds get generated and saved as well. The game automatically saves the progress, and we will dive in to what progress gets saved.

There are dedicated servers, community servers, single-player worlds, co-op worlds, one could easily get confused.

How to Save Your Progress – Valheim

As I said, you cannot save your own progress manually. Instead, the game does that for you. Valheim runs on a character progression-save model.

In other words, all of the progress that you make in the game, gets saved on a particular character. As for the worlds, that is a whole separate issue. Meaning, the worlds are going to be saved as well.

Nonetheless, I see that most confusion comes from co-op servers. When you create a server with some friends, you can use fresh characters or use the ones on which you already have some progress.

When you enter the world and interact with it, everything you do inside gets saved on the world. And all of the progress you make as a character gets saved separately. Technically, you can use the same character on as much servers as you desire.

The creator of the server can play anytime they desire, as for the others, they can only play when the host is active and playing.

There is a possibility to make a world in which everyone can enjoy it even if the host isn’t active. That is through using a dedicated server, although this is far more complicated than creating a regular community server.

To sum up, there is both world progression autosave, and a character autosave. The progression that you make with a particular character gets saved, and the progression that you do in the world gets saved as well.

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