Valheim: How to Get A Beehive


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Did you know that you can get bees and beehives for your base in Valheim?

Valheim: How to Get A Beehive

Yes, you read it right. Valheim doesn’t disappoint. There are thousands of mechanics implemented in the game, which make it feel so immersive, and close to reality. Bees and honey will be needed for both sustenance, and some further crafting down the road. Getting beehives in your base can be a bit tricky though.

What you need to do is get queen bees. The queen bees are usually the driving force of every beehive, and without them, there won’t be any honey at all!

How to Get a Beehive – Valheim

Firstly, you will need to find a beehive in the wild. It can either be destroyed, or perfectly fine. The ones that are destroyed, you can get the queen bee easily from, however, for those that are active, you will need to take them out.

How? Great question, you will need to attack it. For this part, we recommend that you use a bow, since the bees will poison you if they sting you. When you take the beehive down, you can get the queen bee from it.

Once you have the queen bee, you’re pretty much set. What is left to do is to get back in your base, and then build beehives. This is relatively easy to do.

You will need 10 wood to make the beehives, and of course, the queen bee. To build the beehives you need to get yourself a workbench.

As for the best number of beehives to start with, it all depends on what your goals are. Four is a good number, and for the first third of the game, it should be enough. But as time goes on you will definitely need to upgrade how many you have.

We would suggest going big even at the start, since you will always have excess. As we have seen, having more of anything in Valheim is definitely a smart choice and I would say, a necessity.

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