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Valheim is a complex and complicated game, not to mention that the game has almost an “endless” progression system. In order to advance in this game, you will have to understand many of its mechanics, and survive this harsh Viking world. On this page, you will find anything you need for your journey in Valheim, as far as guides, mechanics, locations, how-to, and fixes go.

Valheim Wiki & Guides

Game Information

Release Date: February 2nd, 2021

Price: $19.99

Developed By: Iron Gate AB

Published By: Iron Gate AB, Coffee Stain Publishing, Coffee Stain Studios

Platforms: Windows & Linux

Game Description

Valheim is a diverse survival game set in the age and world of the Vikings. It is truly a spectacular piece of game, since it has changed so much on how we view and play survival games. You can make a character, and as you progress, the progress will be saved on your character. The worlds in this game are progressively-generated, which give it the sense that it is “endless”. Best way to describe this game is a mesh between Minecraft and Rust. An exceptional title with complex mechanics, and world!

General Information

Valheim: Do Trees Respawn or Grow Back

Valheim: Deleting Items You No Longer Need

Valheim Steam Sales Pass Five Million Vikings

Valheim Update: Version 0.146.8 Patch Notes – Boss Updates & More


Valheim: How to Mine Ore

Valheim: How to Tame Wolves Easily

Valheim: How to Build a Viking Longhouse

Valheim: Iron Gathering and Crafting Guide

Valheim: How to Reinforce Your Base

Valheim Cart: How to Use and Build

Valheim: How to Make a Healing Potion

Valheim Repairing Guide: How to Repair Axe and Other Tools

Valheim: How to Tame & Breed Boars

Valheim: How to Get Iron – Guide to the Iron Age

Valheim: How to Get Surtling Core

Valheim: How to Get A Beehive

Valheim Cauldron: How to Make Mead

Valheim: How to Get Core Wood

Valheim: How to Craft a Sausage

Valheim: How to Find a Queen Bee

Valheim: How To Make A Boat Swing

Valheim: How To Spawn A Raspberry And Blueberry Bush

Valheim: How to Build a Basement

Valheim: How to Get Dragur Fang Bow

Valheim Campfire: How to Make Indoor Campfire

Valheim: How to Get Pickaxe to Mine Copper and Tin

Valheim: Where to Find Dungeons

Valheim: How To Fight End Game Goblin

Use EmotesValheim: How to Use Emotes

Valheim: How to Transfer World Save Files Between PC & Server

Valheim: How to Flatten Ground

Valheim: How to Sail

Valheim: How to Make Land Bridge

Valheim: How to Make Storage Cubbies

Valheim: How to Farm Berries 

Valheim Stone Building | Unlock Stone Building

Valheim: How to Parry

BiomeValheim: How to Find Plains Biome

Valheim: How to Find Sunken Crypts

Valheim: How to Make Grass

Valheim: How to Get Back on Boat After Falling in Water

Valheim: How to Get Silver – Crafting Silver Weapons

Map MarkersValheim: How To Add Map Markers

Valheim: How To Add Friends

Valheim DLC: Will Valheim Have DLCs

Valheim: How to Level Up Fast

Valheim: How To Use Free Camera

Valheim: How to Find More Beehives

Valheim: How to Use Boat Storage

Valheim: Where to Build Base

Valheim: Where to Find Swamps

Valheim: Where to Find Trolls

Valheim: Where You Should Build Your First Base

Valheim: How to Find Your Map Coordinates

Valheim: How To Reveal Your Whole Map Cheat

Valheim: Secret Viking Treasure Burial Grounds

Valheim: How to Activate Power

Valheim: How to Get Glowing Metal – Flamental Ore

Valheim How to Build Over Water

Valheim: How to Tame a Lox Creature

Valheim: How to Build a Cave House

Valheim: How to Anchor Boat 

Errors & Fixes

Fix Valheim V-Sync Issues

Fix Valheim Server Not Showing Up

Fix Valheim Crashing, FPS stutters, & Game won’t start

Valheim: How to Backup Your Data (5 Easy Steps)

Valheim: Resolve Overheating and CPU Usage

How to Fix Valheim’s Incompatible Version Error

Fix Valheim Camera Spinning


Valheim: How to Beat the Elder Boss

Valheim: How to Beat The Bonemass

Valheim: How to Defeat First Boss – Eikthyr


Is Valheim Available for Mac

Valheim: How to Save Your Progress

Valheim: All Console Commands | Including Cheat Commands

Valheim: Import/Upload World to a Dedicated Server

Valheim: How to Tame a Lox Creature


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