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To protect yourself from all of the bizarre creatures in Valheim, you will need a strong shelter. But why create something simple, when you can go all out and build yourself a big Viking longhouse.

Valheim: How to Build a Viking Longhouse

Now, in this guide we will showcase how you can properly reinforce you base, and tips on building, as well as what to do and what to avoid. Based on that, you can build your own Viking longhouse that is to your liking.

Building is a bit complex in Valheim, but once you understand the basics, you can create strong structures.

How to Build a Viking Longhouse – Valheim

This guide is solely focused on what you need to do when building your structures, and what mistakes to avoid. If you want a blueprint for a strong Viking longhouse, then here is a template:

Structural Integrity

Whatever you build in Valheim will have its own structural integrity, even individual pieces. After you place one building piece on the ground, it will be blue which means that it is connected to ground and has good structural integrity.

Pieces that you build from it will slowly decrease structural integrity one by one until it can hold no more. The last piece will be red if it has bad structural integrity.

The key is to connect each 3-4 pieces to the ground.

Horizontal Structure/Support

Horizontal supports are pretty much non-existent in this game. Meaning, the horizontal logs that you will place have no support at all, and don’t increase the structural integrity.

What you need to do rather is place vertical logs if you want to achieve structure strength.

Level Surface

When building your first Viking longhouse, make sure that you’re are doing so on level ground. This will ensure that all of the bottom pieces are touching the ground, and therefore, have good strength.

If you have some uneven ground, you can easily rectify that problem by lowering or heightening the ground, so that the bottom pieces touch the ground.

Outside Beams

A common trick that Valheim players use when building big structures in this game, is that they use diagonal log beams outside, every 2-3 building pieces. This greatly improves the quality and strength of your longhouse.

Also, the interior of the structure won’t be as cluttered with these outside beams. In other words, you would have to place make vertical beams inside to keep the structural integrity good.

These tips are all you need to get started on your longhouse in Valheim. However, as I said, if you’re looking for a finished template, then follow the video.

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