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With such complex building mechanics in Valheim, many players struggle to make interesting buildings or generally build above tough terrain. Most of the community has an issue with building above water.

Valheim: How to Build Over Water

This has led to many heightening the ground from the water and building a dock or a structure on the ground, instead of directly above the water. The main issue comes if you try to build a dock, as you can’t position in a way that is good to place a certain piece.

There is a neat little trick though that you can use to build docks, and we will show you how.

How to Build Over Water – Valheim

Before we start with how you can place floor pieces the easy way, let’s talk about support. You will need to put beams in the water if you want to start building out your dock. This is simple and you can use any size that works with you.

As I said, positioning to place these floor pieces is definitely a tough job. You cannot place floors when standing on the dock, and when you enter the water, well, you can’t build.

So, here is what you do to build over water in Valheim:

  1. Stand on the dock.
  2. Place a floor piece above the last piece (from the middle of it).
  3. After that, stand on that piece, turn around and place a floor piece directly beneath you.
  4. Then get rid of the piece you put from the middle of the last piece.

This seems to be a design flaw, and chances are that it will get fixed in the future. As of now, this is the best way to make docks or other shelter and structures directly above water.

If you’re building a shelter above the water, it might be a tad bit finnicky, but it is possible. Make sure that you learn about how to properly reinforce your base if you want to do that though.

The main reason for this is because structural integrity is the most important aspect when building in Valheim!

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