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There are many sources of sustenance in Valheim. However, with so many options, one could easily get overwhelmed with which to choose, and how to make many of them.

Valheim: How to Craft a Sausage

After you hunted some animals or acquired some ingredients, there is much work left to do. When you’re done hunting or gathering, it is time that you brew or cook the foods that you have obtained. But how do you do so?

Apparently, you can make your own homemade sausages in Valheim. But even though they are a great source of sustenance, many players don’t know how to make them.

How to Craft a Sausage – Valheim

A cauldron is a pot in which you can make meads or many other sources of food. The ingredients for sausages are entrails, raw meat, and thistle.

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As I said, many don’t know how to make them, but most are roughly aware of what ingredients are required. So, to clear up the confusion, to craft a sausage in Valheim, you will need a cauldron.

At the time of writing, Valheim hasn’t been out that much time, and it is still unclear about whether do you have to upgrade the cauldron or other essentials to make the sausages. At the start, you have some good choices for mead bases, but not for a sausage.

To acquire the raw meat and thistle is quite easy, but to get the entrails, you will need to do so from Draugrs in the swamp biome. The swamp biome is after the second boss, which might suggest that you will need to upgrade before you can make sausages.

The cooking pot, or rather the cauldron, needs to be placed above a viable heat source. The main heat source you should use is a fireplace. As for the cauldron, you can make it from tin, and you will need a forge.

For those that are not aware, you might need a fermenter for many of the stuff that you make in the cauldron, especially mead bases, and the fermented needs to be somewhere where it isn’t under direct sunlight.

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