Valheim: How to Find a Queen Bee


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Taming and breeding animals is not the main source of sustenance in Valheim. What you can also do is get yourself some beehives, in order to make honey, which has a lot of uses.

Valheim: How to Find a Queen Bee

Most notable use for honey is as an ingredient. It will be required to make many mead bases, and as a food it can be nutritious as well, giving you 20 stamina and 20 health when consumed. To make honey and have beehives, you will also need a queen bee.

There can be no honey if you don’t get a queen bee.

How to Find a Queen Bee – Valheim

To make beehives for your base, you will need to get a queen bee, some wood, and also have a work bench. After that, you can start your honey-making factory!

If you have done a bit of exploring in Valheim, then you might have seen a lot of beehives on your path. If attacked, or if you get close, you will get stung by some angry bees.

But, in order to get the queen bee in Valheim, you must destroy a beehive! Finding a beehive is relatively easy, since there are many that spawn regularly in this Viking world.

I recommend that you use a bow and arrow to destroy a beehive, since you will get poisoned if you start attacking the beehive from up close. If you have progressed quite a bit in the game, then the bees shouldn’t do much damage, but if you’re on the start of your quest, it is something to consider.

Because you will need a lot of honey for your meads, make sure to make as many beehives in your base as possible. To get a lot of queen bees, make sure to go in forests, as they spawn there most frequently.

The maximum stack for queen bees is 20, and if you can farm twenty in one go, definitely go for it. However, if you haven’t progressed that much in the game, then you can manage with 4-5 beehives for the start.

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