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There are many bosses in Valheim, and it is always satisfying to take down these amazing and immensely powerful beasts. As you progress in the game, they do get harder and harder.

Valheim: How to Defeat First Boss – Eikthyr

However, that doesn’t mean that the first two-three bosses won’t cause trouble for you. Even though the first boss is the transitioning boss, meaning it is the easiest one, some players might have some trouble, especially if they’re new to the game.

There are tips and tricks that you can use to beat him, but there is also an unorthodox method you can try in order to beat him as easy as possible.

How to Defeat the First Boss – Valheim, Eikthyr

Because Valheim is such an open game, meaning you can do pretty much anything, there are some creative ways that you can try to beat each boss. There isn’t an obligatory way that you will need to fight Eikthyr for example.

First off, make sure to hunt down a few deer to get deer trophies. Once you have all of them, go to the altar and summon the beast.

Without wasting any more time, here is how to defeat the first boss – Eikthyr in Valheim:


What you will need to build is a structure that is high up and you can access. This way, the boss won’t be able to bump you, and you can easily shoot it down with bows and arrows.

This brings me to my next point. All you need is a bow and arrows. Make sure to bring as many arrows as possible. Here is the structure you will need to build:

The walls on the top are important, and they’re there to prevent the boss from knocking you back.

Also, make sure that you build spike walls around this structure in order to prevent the boss from destroying it. On top of that, make a workbench here that you can use to repair gear or make stuff on the go.

Rest & Food

Make sure that you make a camp fire and use it to get the rested buff. Stand next to the camp fire until you have at least 8 minutes of rested buff.

Then, eat one Grilled Neck Tail, one Cooked Meat, and one mushroom. This will ensure that you have the proper stamina and health.

All that is left for you to do is just to summon the beast and start firing from the tower. If it knocks you back, go back to the top and start attacking it again. This is a bulletproof method of beating the first boss in Valheim.

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