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Valheim is unusual in many ways. The mechanics and the in-game progression systems are far from ordinary. It has a unique style which might explain so much of its success since its launch.

Valheim: How to Activate Power

The point is that there are many things that players are not used to, and on your journey in Valheim, it is almost certain that you will run into inevitable roadblocks. Different objectives in the game require different solutions and so forth.

Valheim is still in early access which might explain why so many things are left to the players to figure out. As for stuff like activating your power after beating a boss, you can wonder no more.

How to Activate Power – Valheim

There are many bosses in the game with different attacks and mechanics, and beating them is a satisfaction on its own. But after you beat a boss, you can harness its power, yet not many know how to do so.

When you take down a boss, a rock-like statue from the ground will appear. What you need to do to activate the power is walk up to this rock, and click on you activate hotkey which is “E” by default.

Most players skip this step which might explain why they can’t use their power. As for what to do after you activate it, is as simple as activating it. In other words, you will need to press “F” to use the power.

Now, keep in mind that for each player it might be different considering how much of your key binds you have changed, but those are they hotkeys by default.

As I said, many of Valheim aspects are quite unorthodox, and it is quite clear why so many can get overwhelmed and not be able to figure out how to finish certain tasks.

The wiki is not rich as well, since the game is only out for a few days, and that isn’t helpful also. You can visit our wiki if you’re having trouble with certain objectives in Valheim, or for some general information about the game.

Make sure that you activate the power before trying to use it. Safe journey, Viking!

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