Valheim: How to Find Sunken Crypts


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There are more than a few biomes in Valheim, and each of them is equally important. Most of them are not “accessible” if players aren’t a certain level in the game, since most of them are harsh enviroments, and the enemies are particularly potent. Nevertheless, on your journey in Valheim, you will come across all of the biomes and each will be rich with different resources, mobs, dungeons, etc.

Valheim: How to Find Sunken Crypts

The swamp biome is particularly important since it will be a necessity to go there to get iron. You get iron from the sunken crypts, although they’re a tad bit difficult to find.

How to Find Sunken Crypts – Valheim

It is important to note that these crypts will be only present in the swamp biome. Like I said, they have the most iron, but on top of that, they have other resources as well.

To enter a sunken crypt, you will need a swamp key, which can be required from the second boss in the game. Otherwise, you won’t be able to enter these crypts whatsoever.

Now, the way that crypts spawn in Valheim is pretty random. But there are some tips in order to find one more easily:

  • When you find a swamp biome, avoid walking on the shore. Instead, cut through the middle of the swamp. Even though they can spawn on the shore as well, there is a much higher chance of finding one away from it.
  • Look for green lighting. The crypts have two green torches in the front, and they emit a lot of light. It can be seen from far away. So, while exploring, look around for green lighting.
  • A way to speed up the exploring process is to use a boat. Although I said that there is a higher chance of them spawning in the middle, you can still see the infamous green torches from afar.
  • Look for enemies. Usually, around crypts many mobs will spawn, so be on the lookout for that as well.

Sadly, there isn’t a sure-proof method of finding these, but if you follow the tips above, there is no doubt that you will have a much easier time finding crypts in Valheim.

The boat method works well for most, since you cover much more distance like that. Follow the shore of the swamp biome, and you will definitely see a crypts on the land.

Make sure to be geared well before entering these forsaken crypts. They might be crawling with enemies.

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