Valheim: How to Flatten Ground


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Because structural integrity is a big focus in Valheim when building, having your pieces properly connected to the ground is from the utmost importance. Building on an uneven ground is difficult, and quite frankly frustrating.

Valheim: How to Flatten Ground

This is the reason why it is so important that players make sure that they build on even ground in Valheim. Sure, some structures can be built on an uneven ground, but it is fairly challenging to do so.

Still, even if this is so important, many players don’t quite know how to level, raise, or lower the ground. Furthermore, the game doesn’t exactly give you a blueprint for it.

How to Flatten Ground – Valheim

First off, every player should know that anything that has something to do with the land/earth in Valheim is done with the hoe. It’s an important tool, one which players of Valheim can’t live without.

Secondly, what many players usually do is try to level ground which is not high enough to be leveled with the ground players’ are standing on. Yes, on the ground that you stand on, that’s how much the land will be leveled.

So, here is the gist of it. To flatten the ground in Valheim, you will need to stand in a spot which you feel is best for the ground to go to that lever. Use your hoe to level the ground, and spam click until it is flat.

Ground which is way lower than it should be, should be raised and then properly leveled using the hoe once again. Make sure that you get some stones and resources when doing this at your base, because you might need a lot of them.

When you have a very high ground and you come to the edge, and you need to raise the ground, don’t raise it from the bottom up.

Instead, aim at the top, at the end of the “cliff” and then raise that ground. This will raise the whole ground, meaning the base or bottom one as well.

This might seem useless, but you will actually save a lot of resources this way, and it is ultimately much faster than the traditional way.

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