Valheim: Iron Gathering and Crafting Guide



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After a while of playing in Valheim, you will be looking for the next big step, and the time to advanced to the next age. At the beginning, you will be mostly working with wood and stone, but as time goes on, you slowly progress to the next stage. Soon enough you will be looking for ways to get iron and doing so might be a bit complicated.

Valheim: Iron Gathering and Crafting Guide

Firstly, you must have progressed to a certain part of the game so that you will be able to farm iron. This will be after you beat the second boss – the Elder.

Iron Gathering & Crafting Guide – Valheim

The second boss will drop the swamp keys. This is the most crucial thing you need to start gathering iron in Valheim. After that, you will need to travel to the swamp biome.


In the swamp biome there are what are known as “crypts”. These are caves/dungeons that are far creepier than the others in Valheim. To get inside them, you will need to use the swamp keys that you got from the Elder boss.

The point is that they’re rich with iron. What you need here is a pickaxe preferably something better than stone. Inside, you will find many muddy scrap piles.

Don’t discard these, as they are the ones that you will need to mine in order to get iron scraps. When you’re satisfied with the amount of iron scraps, travel back to your base. You might need to walk, since you can’t fast travel with metals in Valheim.

Iron Ingots – Smelter

To get iron ingots, you will need to craft a smelter. The smelter will make it possible for you to turn iron scraps into iron ingots.

To craft the smelter, you will need x20 Stone and x5 Surtling Core. You can find surtling cores in any dungeons. These are usually the cores that you find on the torch-like sticks or in chests.

When you go inside the crypts, make sure that you bring at least 2 or 3 pickaxes, to ensure that you have enough tools for your farm.

Crafting – Forge

After all that, you can start to craft iron. This is relatively simple, and since you’re at this stage of the game, the concept is already familiar to you. Using iron ingots, you can use the forge to create special tools and weaponry.

Also, keep in mind that you will need a lot of coal for the smelter in order to turn the iron scraps or ores to iron bars.

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