Valheim: How to Use Emotes


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When Valheim was released, many didn’t think much of it, especially that it would reach so much presence as a multiplayer survival game.

Valheim: How to Use Emotes

Today, Valheim is one of the best survival games out there, and easily one of the most complex and realistic. This may well be the biggest reason why it has skyrocketed on the Steam most played games chart.

The game is great to play with your buddies, as you can experience the Viking journey together. There are many ways to communicate like the usual messaging system, but on top of that, you can use emotes to have some fun or communicate.

How to Use Emotes – Valheim

The biggest downside that Valheim has right now is that it doesn’t do quite a good job of slowly getting its players ready for the game. Many players struggle with basic objectives, since the game has many unorthodox mechanics, and there aren’t many tutorials.

how to emote valheim

As for using emotes in Valheim, it is fairly easy, and it can be done through the chat. To use the chat, press Enter, and then type: /”emote”.

Once you open up the chat there should be a list of emotes you can use. For example, there are emotes for sitting, waving, challenging, cheering, and many more.

Sometimes it might not give you a clear list of the available list, so here are all of them:

  • Sit
  • Wave
  • Challenge
  • Cheer
  • Nonono
  • Thumbsup
  • Point

So, for example, a good emote command will be: /cheer

At the moment, these are all of the available emotes in Valheim. However, there is a high possibility that many others will be added in the future. This is because there are four major updates planned for Valheim, just in 2021 alone.

There isn’t much information on what exactly the updates will consist of, but as we can see in the recent weeks, Valheim is slowly shaping up to be more stable, more interesting, graphically-inept, and many other things.

In other words, while the game was superb and unique, it didn’t feel like a “huge” game, but we can slowly see that changing now, and in the future as well.

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