Valheim Update: Version 0.146.8 Patch Notes – Boss Updates & More


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Early access games don’t usually impress players so much. Still, when you look at Valheim, which is still early access, it appears as the game can’t get any better than this.

Valheim Update: Version 0.146.8 Patch Notes – Boss Updates & More

However, Iron Gate AB disagree, and for good reason. Each title that is released these days, has to be constantly updated, getting new bug-fixes, and above all, interesting new content for its player base.

Iron Gate stated that there would be many updates this year, and on top of that, four of them will be major updates, which means that players can expect radical changes, and possibly an abundance of new content.

Version 0.146.8 Patch Notes – Valheim

At the moment, Valheim has received a few updates, and one of the most recent ones is the 0.146.8 update. Most of it has a few bug fixes and errors, but also changes to some bosses’ difficulty.

valheim update 0.146.8 patch notes bosses more

Here are all of the notable patch notes and fixes in the newest update for Valheim – update 0.146.8:

  • Player’s ragdoll is now fixed.
  • Bug at the Tombstone fixed.
  • Item-dupe while crafting fixed.
  • Player harpooned and ship issue changed.
  • Difficulty changes to some bosses.
  • A lot of the music is new and updated.
  • ALT + F4 world corruption bug is no more.
  • Deathsquitos are louder and have bigger audio range.
  • New network stats for F2.
  • Building pieces destroying bug fixed.
  • New Vulkan API for Windows users.
  • All networks errors fixed.
  • Socket-backed is updated.
  • Map position (shared) will be saved for each world.

Like I said, most of the changes in this update are bug fixes and error fixes. Most notable ones are the fixes for disconnection errors, but also the new Vulkan API.

Many players kept experiencing disconnections, which made it almost impossible to play and enjoy the game. Also, the Vulkan API will help those that have GPU-related crashes, errors, FPS drops, and more.

The bosses that got their difficulty tweaked are: Bonemass, Moder, and Yagluth. Of course, there are still some issues that need to be fixed, but there will always be something to fix.

The main point is that Iron Gate AB seem very serious about staying and do everything they can to whip-out regular updates and get new content to players.

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