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Since Valheim is a huge game with enormous worlds, many players are stuck on deciding where is the best place to build a base. The most common questions are does it matter where, how many bases should a player have, and questions of a similar nature. We have dived deep on where is the best spot to make camp, and how it impacts gameplay and progression.

Valheim: Where to Build Base

There are many variables that come into play like biomes, material needs, bosses, creatures, conditions, and more. So, where would be the perfect spot to build a shelter?

Where to Build a Base – Valheim

As many of you know, Valheim’s worlds are quite unique. Instead, of a bigger piece of land, the game is divided into islands. There are many islands in the game, each with different biomes, sometimes multiple ones.

Since you will need to visit all of the biomes by the end of the game, that means that most of the map you’ll already have explored. The point is that there are many islands, and the world is way too big for only one base.

Considering all of the factors, the best place to build a place is wherever. In other words, I mean multiple bases around the map, and not just one.

Once you travel to another island for resources from another biome or to fight a boss, it is inevitable that you will need to set up camp there as well.

In order to survive the time that you will inevitably spend for some goal you’re working towards, you will need shelter. My advice is build a base on every island that you spend more than one in-game day in.

You don’t need to worry about not being able to get to your bases fast, because later in the game, there will be a possibility that you can make portals with which you can teleport from one spot to another.

So, at the end of the day, all of your bases will be linked, so it doesn’t much matter how many bases you have, or the distance between them.

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