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Valheim is a game that has a few similarities with Minecraft. Both games have procedurally-generated worlds, meaning each world is random, and both games have many biomes in the worlds.

Valheim: Where to Find Swamps

In Valheim, you will visit different biomes as you progress in the game. On your journey, your resource needs change, which means that where you acquire and how you obtain them changes as well. On top of that, there will be bosses in multiple biomes.

The swamp biome is quite important on your quest, as it will be one of the richest places with iron!

Where to Find Swamps – Valheim

Technically, you won’t be looking for swamps until you beat the second boss in the game – The Elder. The Elder will give you the swamp keys, which you will need to unlock crypts with.

The crypts are the best place to mine iron, hence they make the swamp biome really important in the game progression-wise. Since all worlds are different, how and where can you find swamps in Valheim?

Well, there are two methods that you can use to find your first swamp. In any world that you start in Valheim, you will start in the middle of the map. Most of the map in Valheim is composed of islands, instead of one big chunk of land.

The swamps spawn in a ring from the middle point in the map. Which means that, if you pick one direction and walk only that direction, you will eventually reach a swamp area.

Since Valheim hasn’t been out for that long, there is not much information whether there can be swamps on the spawn island. But most players haven’t seen a swamp biome on the spawn island, so it is a waste looking for one there.

Which leads me to my next point. The second way to find a swamp is to travel to another island and walk on the shore until you reach a swamp. In this game, most swamps spawn near on the shore.

There hasn’t yet been a case where the swamps are located in the middle of an individual island. The second method is more effective in my opinion.

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