Valheim: How to Find Your Map Coordinates



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Each of the world that gets generated in Valheim is unique, and since the game doesn’t seem to have boundaries on sizes, each world is huge! Navigating it might be difficult, and getting from one place to another might take you a while, especially if that place is quite far away. The world to player ratio is one of the best of survival games.

Valheim: How to Find Your Map Coordinates

Sometimes, you might resort to using coordinates in order to navigate, or if you want to meet up with some of your other Vikings that are also playing on the same server.

How to Find Your Map Coordinates – Valheim

Now, in order to get your coordinates in Valheim, you must resort to using commands, but more specifically, cheat commands. The main reason for why this is considered cheating is because it makes it much easier to move around in the world.

On top of this, there are numerous other cheats that you can use, which aren’t that bad like god mode for example. Nevertheless, the command for finding your map coordinates in Valheim is “pos”.

Activate Cheats

However, for those that aren’t aware, you can’t exactly write pos directly in your console and expect it to give you your coordinates immediately. To do so, you will need to enable the cheats in the game.

This is quite easy to do, and it can be done through the console as well. Open up your console, then type in “imacheater”. Yes, that activates cheats. It’s a creative way that Iron Gate AB thought of in order to prevent players from using them.

There are also many commands that you can use in the console that are more focused on server-based maintenance and care, like kick, ban, and similar.

If you’re having fun on a separate world, then there are so many other cheat commands you can enjoy and have fun with. You can find all of them on our official commands and cheat page for Valheim.

As for server-wise commands, there are many that are missing, although Valheim is still in early access, so we might see that change in the future.

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